Junior Growers Academy

by the Urban Farming Institute

Learning where “food comes from”, how it’s produced, and how food makes its way to the farm or family garden, and then to the kitchen and table, are key elements of the Junior Growers Academy.

Our skills-building program is supported with a hands-on garden and a vertical hydroponic growing experience. Among other features of the program, our instructors will perform cooking demonstrations utilizing the plant products crafted by the on-location Academy “Field Station”.

Our students will be engaged in hands-on and group learning experiences which will provide a love for gardening and develop an appreciation for the environment, all while cultivating a greater awareness of the beautiful world around them.

Program Benefits

Leadership and service opportunities will be provided, along with, recognition and certification for various projects undertaken and successfully completed during the term.

Various food production technologies will be explored, such as, the use of solar power, innovative irrigation systems, raised bed growing, and hydroponic garden demonstration.

The Junior Growers Academy activities are STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) based and will offer the class participants leading edge exposure to food production in a sub-tropical environment.

This innovative Junior Growers Academy program is based upon elements of the nationally recognized Junior Master Gardener, 4-H, Slow Food International, and Florida Agriculture in the Classroom: Nutrients for Life and the UFI Gardens of Excellence program.

Within the program, students will acquire a science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) based experience that will assist them in meeting State educational requirements.

For the first time, key elements of the listed programs have been combined in such a way as to ignite a passion for learning, gardening success, and service to others through this one of a kind gardening education program.

We look forward to seeing you and your children at the Junior Growers Academy!

Fall/Spring 2017 Programs

Junior Growers Academy Fall 2017

Upcoming: TBD
Fall 2017 Enrollment to be announced shortly.